Legacy Sites

a modemThe hrpr.com domain has been out here on the Internet since 28 August 1998.  Since then, sites within the hrpr.com domain have been modified and upgraded a number of times to take advantage of advances in client and server software, and networking technology.  Sites that started out as a collection of simple HTML pages have evolved into Content Management Systems (CMS) using scripting languages and dynamic, database-driven content.

This has been, as Martha Stewart is fond of saying, "A Good Thing," but it has also resulted in the loss of a bit of the history of the early days of hrpr.com.  The majority of the pages here at hrpr.com have been upgraded and integrated into the CMS environment over the years. However, we have purposely kept a few of the older pages in their original state...some of them probably look quite primitive compared to the wide variety of sophisticated site layouts seeen on the web today.

  • The Magic City Pages - It's on the Mon about 30 miles southwest of Pittsburgh, PA
  • The Turtle Boro Pages - Check out the unique look of the old telephone company central office
  • HR's Annex Pages - Home of the "Friends of Shemp" and "Mauve Cow Disease" pages
  • HR's Tour - During 1998 and 1999, HR spent a lot of time in planes...and trains and automobiles too!