family trees


I've written previously about my genealogy web site.  The site uses PhpGedView, an open source application, to manage the server side genealogy content. 

PhpGedView, like other CMSs, has a user interface that supports data entry; however, in the case of genealogical data, entering data online is very tedious when there are more than a few updates to apply.  Until recently, I did the data entry and updating locally using  a commercial application called Family Tree Maker.  I then exported the updated information to a GEDCOM file and  uploaded the file to PhpGedView.

This procedure worked well for me until my recent acquisition of a new desktop PC running Windows Vista.  It was no big surprise to find out that my ancient version of Family Tree Maker was not compatible with Vista and I needed to either update it or find an alternative way to do my local genealogy content management. 

Family Trees

On of 23 August 2008, the contents of this page was moved to HR's Genealogy Portal which contains much more detailed information about our genealogy.  The portal contains a number of different views of the GEDCOM file content, has the ability to search for individuals and families, and can generate a number of genealogy charts and reports.