I've written previously about my genealogy web site.  The site uses PhpGedView, an open source application, to manage the server side genealogy content. 

PhpGedView, like other CMSs, has a user interface that supports data entry; however, in the case of genealogical data, entering data online is very tedious when there are more than a few updates to apply.  Until recently, I did the data entry and updating locally using  a commercial application called Family Tree Maker.  I then exported the updated information to a GEDCOM file and  uploaded the file to PhpGedView.

This procedure worked well for me until my recent acquisition of a new desktop PC running Windows Vista.  It was no big surprise to find out that my ancient version of Family Tree Maker was not compatible with Vista and I needed to either update it or find an alternative way to do my local genealogy content management. 

Managing Genealogy Content

I've always had an interest in Genealogy, and have a web site about my family's roots.  Until about six months ago, I updated this information locally on my PC using one of the popular commercial genealogy software packages and then uploaded the output of a subset of the available reports to my web site via FTP.  However, I always thought it would be a lot more useful to both me and the folks who visited my site if I could have the ability to generate a more comprehensive set of reports dynamically via a web browser interface.