Win XP

Vista and Me, Part II

In Part I, I had just taken delivery of my new desktop loaded with Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Patch 1 (SP1).  Once I got all the cabling done, it was time to turn the power on and let Vista do its thing.  Vista Home Premium ran through its initial setup and did a reboot with no problems incurred along the way.  I then installed the upgrade to Vista Ultimate, connected to the Internet and downloaded and installed the latest updates from the Microsoft.  Now it was time to find out just how many of my "legacy" applications would indeed run in a Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit environment.

Vista and Me, Part I

I was planning on buying a new PC for a while now.  As I thought about just what hardware and software configuration I wanted, it occurred to me that there was one important decision that I had to make.  The decision wasn't about the PC hardware as this stuff is pretty much commoditized these days.  Rather it was regarding the operating system.  I'm well-versed in both Windows and Linux, but truth be told, most of the applications and tools I use on a day-to-day basis are Windows-centric.  I'm still not convinced that Linux is ready for prime time as my desktop operating environment.

That left me with the choice of continuing on with Win XP or finally dealing with Win Vista.  In the past I had been an "early adopter" of the various incarnations of Windows through the years, starting with the first semi-decent release (Win 95) way back when.  But I was really hesitant to migrate to Vista.  It wasn't due to all the negative press and Vista bashing on forums and blogs.  Those of us who have been around for a while heard many of the same complaints about Win XP.


For the last month or so, I've been working at home for a change.  So my laptop has been on vacation for a while.  I decided today that I had better fire it up and get it online before the queue of pending updates from Microsoft became any longer.  I booted to the Win XP partition and as expected there were about 12 or so critical updates from Microsoft's latest monthly "Patch Tuesday" waiting to have their way with my laptop.  So, I once again let the Microsoft updater run amok and fix all those things it thought was broken.  Once the "Patch-O-Rama" completed, I figured I had better boot up the laptop's alter ego (Ubuntu) to make sure the Linux partition was not too upset from the lack of attention I had been giving it these past few weeks...

Unbuntu loaded and all was well.  I checked a couple of web sites I had recently made some cosmetic changes to in order to make sure they displayed as expected with Linux and Firefox.  And I noticed the "updates available" icon was trying to get my attention.  I checked the updates and to my surprise there were 44 updates available, 22 of which were security updates!

Is this an anomaly or is Ubuntu on a mission to take the world record for patches per month away from Microsoft? ;-)